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The Indian Youth Parliament is a unique platform created to foster dialogue and generate partnerships between exceptional youth from private sector, civil society and government. It acts as bridge to fill the gap between government and society. Many youth leaders and social activists will join Indian Youth Parliament to facilitate youth with adequate opportunity to develop leadership skills and direct them to benefit the humanity.

Event Details

Democracy Day National Session
Dates :- 15 -16-17 September 2024
Last date :-31 March ,2024
Theme :- “Empowering the next generation”

Topics for Indian Youth Parliament

  • Current World, National & Regional issues.
  • Grassroots community programme.
  • Environment, Water & Diversity.

Where you can speak ?

  • Morning Workshop
  • Attention Motion
  • Open Debate
  • Questions/Answer Session with keynotes.
  • Interaction with Guests.
  • Table talk with speakers during breakfast/lunch.

Fee Structure | Indian Youth Parliament

Without Accommodation– 800/- Students (Under 23yr.)
1100/- Others (Certificate, Publication, T-Shirt, Folder, Pen, Ped, Bedge, 03 Breakfast & 03 Lunch)
With accommodation
2500/- (Boys Group Dormitory)
4000/- Stud. (Under 23yr.)
4500/- Others
(Certificate, Publication, T-Shirt, Folder, Pen, Ped, Bedge, 03 Breakfast, 03 Lunch 03 dinners & 03 night share basic accommodation)

Other Info.

(Check In on Dt. 14th Sep. Check Out on Dt. 17th Sep.)
Web Link:-

Contact Info.

Contact number:-9413994475
Ashutosh Joshi (National Convenor)

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