Nature of Sociology

Nature of Sociology – Sociology as a field of knowledge has its own characteristics. It differs from other sciences in many ways. Analyzing their internal logical features helps us understand what kind of science we are talking about. The following are the main features of sociology outlined by Robert Bierstedt in his book Social Order….

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Concept of socialization

Concept of socialization – Human beings are not only social, but also cultural. It is a culture that provides men with opportunities to develop their individuality. Self-development is not an automatic process. Each society prescribes its own methods and means of social training so that its newborn members can develop their own personality. This social…

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Elements of Culture In Sociology

According to H.M. Johnson, the main elements of culture are: – Cognitive factors, beliefs, values ​​and norms, signs and non-normative behaviors. 1. Cognitive factors The cultures of all societies, whether literate or not, have vast knowledge about the physical and social world. This possession of knowledge is called the cognitive component. Even the most primitive…

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