Diplomacy – Meaning | Definitions | Characteristics

Emergence of the word ‘Diplomacy’ The term ‘diplomacy’ has been derived from the Latin noun ‘diploma’ meaning a ‘double document’ or Greek Verb “diploun” which means “to told”. All passports, permits, and imperial letters of recommendation were stamped on twin metal plates, folded, and stitched together in a specific way throughout the Roman era. These…

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The International Power System : Unipolarity | Bipolarity and Multipolarity

The International Power System : The field of international relations introduces three international systems: unipolarity, bipolarity, and multipolarity, in light of the distribution of power among states. States’ hierarchical positions in the international system are determined by their relative power, which is the capacity to influence the behaviour of others. A unipolar system is demonstrated…

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