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In the world of education, many law students are busy with their daily work. They spend countless hours ( law project maker ) studying and analyzing laws and legal systems, hoping to identify areas for improvement, and for this reason they want a person or friend to project their law subject.

Being a law subject project maker is to delve deep into all aspects of legal subject, identify its shortcomings and propose solutions and for this The Law Journey team made lumsum of 300+ projects and that is enough to research and make your law project.

What Kind of Projects We Make | Law Project Maker

There are many different types of projects that we can work on demanding, Some examples include:

  1. College Viva Projects for the students who are pursuing the degree of BA.LLB. , BBA.LLB etc.
  2. Case studies: We conduct in-depth analyses of legal cases, examining the legal issues involved, the facts of the case, and the court’s decision after that we do our work on a case Project.
  3. Legal research papers: You can conduct research on a specific legal topic, and write a paper that summarizes your findings and proposes solutions or recommendations.
  4. Makes Projects on Law Subjects like Banking Law, Constitutional Law, Tort, Political Science, RTI, Sociology, etc. which are related to BA.LLB Course.

These are just a few examples of the many different types of projects that we can make. there are more law subjects or topic on which we can make projects on demanding.

Steps to Get a Project | Law Project Maker

Follow The given Steps to get a project :

  1. First of all you have to click on the Google form link to access the form or directly contact us through whatsapp.
  2. After opening the link you have to fill general information like Your Name, Mobile Number, G-Mail, Project toipic name etc.
  3. After Filling these genral things you have to upload your college project making format.
  4. In the last you have to make a payment of projects as Prescribed.

Things that you must Remember during the filling of Project form | Law Project Maker

During Filling the Project details you should Read Carefully following guidelines :

  1. The Charges of Per Project is ₹150 ( Without Plagiarism Checking )
  2. The Charges of Per Project is ₹250 ( With Plagiarism Checking )
    • Note : The Project can be show copied upto 15-20% during the Plagiarism checking.
  3. You can Get a discount of ₹50 on Uploading a Project
    • Note : The Discount of ₹50 only applicable for one project if you want to order more then one project then you have to add or upload another project for example you ordered for making two project then you have to upload two existing project for getting a discount of 50×2 = ₹100.
    • Note : Uploading of same project for get additional discount shall not be acceptable. if you are ordering for 3 projects then you have to upload 3 different projects to get discount.

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