Nuisance | Types | Essentials | Defences | Remedies – Law of torts

The term ‘nuisance’ is derived from the French word ‘nuire’ and the Latin word ‘nocere’ or ‘nocumentum,’ which implies ‘annoyance’ or ‘damage’ in a legal sense.In Durga Prasad v State (AIR 1962 Raj 92), it was said that the term “nuisance” typically refers to anything that bothers, hurts, or is objectionable. Definition of NuisanceAs a…

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Malicious Prosecution – Law of Torts

It is defined as the institution of Malicious case against another without reasonable or probable case. Malicious prosecution consists in instituting unsuccessful criminal, or bankruptcy, or liquidation proceedings, maliciously and without reasonable and probable cause. When such prosecution causes actual damage to the party prosecuted, it is a tort for which he can bring an…

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