Rajasthan Law Festival, earlier known as Jaipur Law Festival, is a massive event that strives to increase legal awareness among youth while also demonstrating their skills and legal intellectuality. Its inaugural edition took place on December 9th, 2017. It received a lot of success and appreciation in the legal sector from many dignitaries and young people. Similarly, a further edition was held on the 18th and 19th of December, 2021, which received similar acclaim and was characterised by the auspicious presence of many dignitaries.

In order to carry on this history, Vidhishala will conduct the Rajasthan Law Fest on a national scale in conjunction with the Ranka Public Charitable Trust on the 28th and 29th of January 2023. The goal of this festival is to raise legal awareness among youth and so enrich their legal understanding. It will include a variety of engaging activities as well as conversation programmes.

Date of Events of Rajasthan Law Festival

Flagship Events: 28th January 2023

Talk Shows: 29th January 2023

Flagship Event’s

Following are the flagship event’s : 1. National RTI Drafting Competition, 2. National PIL Drafting Competition, 3. National Debate Competition, 4. National Legal Quiz Competition, 5. Call for Papers, 6. National Client Counselling Competition.

National RTI Drafting Competition

Aims of the competition :- The participants would be required to draught an RTI application. This competition would provide academic stimulation and help them develop abilities such as drafting, critical thinking, and writing, making them better professionals.

Evaluation Process/ Scoring Criteria :- Equal weightage will be given to the following – Quality of RTI and Issues addressed – 50 marks Relevance of matter – 25 marks Quality of Article – 25 marks

Best Entry: Rs. 1500/- I RunnerUp: Rs. 1000/- II RunnerUp: Rs. 750/

National PIL Drafting Competition

Aims :- The primary goal of public interest litigation is to protect society’s interests and ensure that justice is provided to all, regardless of social, financial, or socioeconomic disadvantage.

Eligibility :- The competition shall be open for the students currently pursuing their bachelor’s or master’s degree in law i.e. 3-Year LL.B. course or 5-Year LL.B. course or LLM course from any recognized university/college in India. There is no restriction on the number of entries from any college or university. Only “Individual Participation” is allowed.

Evaluation Process/ Scoring Criteria :- Equal weightage will be given to the following –

Quality of PIL and Issues addressed – 50 marks Relevance of matter – 25 marks Quality of Article – 25 marks

Best Entry: Rs. 1500/ I RunnerUp: Rs. 1000/- II RunnerUp: Rs. 750/-

National Debate Competition

Aims :- This competition intends to provide a stage for students to quickly improve their debating skills by focusing on questions based on current and developing aspects of law.

Eligibility :- It is open for all school, undergraduate and post-graduate students of multidisciplinary streams from various schools, colleges and universities across the country.

Topic :- Should same sex marriage be legalized?

Winner: Rs. 1500/- I RunnerUp: Rs. 1000/- II RunnerUp: Rs. 750/-

National Legal Quiz Competition

Aims :- The goal of this competition is to create a platform for law enthusiasts and students to put their legal knowledge to the test. It will put students’ memory, thinking, and analytical skills to the test.

Eligibility :- Any student seeking an undergraduate or graduate degree in any discipline at any college or department of a recognised university. It is also open to judicial candidates, legal students, SSC candidates, CLAT candidates, and other law entrance exam candidates.

Additional Guidelines :-Throughout the quiz, proper discipline should be maintained. Participants are expected to avoid from utilising unfair methods. If found, he or she will be disqualified from the entire competition.

Winner: Rs. 750/- I RunnerUp: Rs. 500/- II RunnerUp: Rs. 500/

Call for Papers

Aims :- Through the Jaipur Law Journal, the endeavor is to provide students and budding scholars with opportunities to contribute to the intellectual discourse surrounding the field of law.

Eligibility :- Unpublished Original Research Papers are invited from Students, Experts, Academicians, Research Scholars, Professionals and other stakeholders.

Themes :- Some of the themes are provided. However, these are not the only themes to be followed. Participants can take any of the themes similar or diverse to the themes given in the list below

  • The Constitutionality of Media Trials in India – A Critique.
  • Exploring the scope of Alternate Dispute Resolution in India.
  • Infancy and Criminal Liability: In light of Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection) Act, 2015.
  • Judicial Recognition of Reproductive Rights as Fundamental and Human Rights: An Analytical study.
  • An Aerial Perspective on the Predictors of Organized Crimes: Micro and Macro level.

Best Paper : Rs. 1500/

National Client Counselling Competition

Aims :- The Client Counseling Competition is intended to explore the client – lawyer interaction skills and to improve the problem analysing techniques of the students and giving such information which, a a client would like to know regarding his legal problem/case.

Winner: Rs. 5000/- I Runner Up: Rs. 3000/- II Runner Up: Rs. 2000/-

Talk Show/ Panel Discussion

The main aim behind talk shows is to bring Judges, Advocates and students altogether on a single platform in order to bring diversified ideas of law fraternity on same stage.

Session1: Juvenile Justice in India and Juvenile Rehabilitation: Socio-Legal Implication for Children:- This session will comprise of overview of present juvenile system and laws prevailing under it.

Session2: Reproductive Rights in India: The current situation & Legal Perspective:- This session aim towards enriching youth about reproductive rights enshrined in our constitution and to reflect on efforts undertaken for preservation of same.

Session 3– Trial by Media: A threat to our judicial system:- This session deals with working of media among present time and also focusses on laws as well as implications of the media trial among society.

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